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Opticon OPH 3001

Laser Scanner 1D, Batterie rechargeable, 2” TFT LCD QVGA color display, 4 MB FLASHROM, 4 MB SDRAM

290,00 CHF HT

Disponibilité : 5-7 jours


The OPH-3001 is designed to make scanning a comfortable experience, especially if scanning is required often. The ergonomic design includes a soft grip, a curved scan head for relieve stress from the wrists and a bright display for better readability. But this scanner is still a mobile scanning device, capable of running complex applications.


The OPH-3001 is often used by tasks that require frequent scanning because the ergonomic design is known to reduce wrist strain that happens with any repetitive action. The uses include: keeping track of inventory, managing assets or mobile sales automation. Complex applications for specialized tasks can be built using the free SDK facilitated by Opticon.

How we describe the OPH-3001

Frequent scanning can strain the wrist, that is why we designed OPH-3001. With the curved scan head, soft grip and bright readable screen it is clear this scanner is designed with the user in mind. With a strong processor the OPH-3001 is perfectly capable of running complex applications, best suited for your situation. This advanced product is programmable to perform to your liking, thus, becoming the perfect solution in the workplace. It has a LCD screen with adjustable brightness so that in every condition the screen is perfectly readable.

User Development Tool

The Opticon App Builder is ideal for developing low cost applications such as Stock Taking and Asset Management for the OPH-3001 and OPH-1005. We’ve designed the App Builder so it’s simple and easy to use and non-developer friendly.  We offer a free demo download so you can trial your application onscreen before you purchase any license or device.  For more information and to download a free version click here.


A few highlights that make the OPH-3001 an enjoyable scanning experience:

  • Ergonomic design with curved scan head and soft grip
  • Bright display for easy reading
  • Clear scanning feedback with LED and buzzer
  • Lightweight