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Opticon RS-3000

2D, Bluetooth Ringscanner, 100 fps

345,00 CHF HT

Disponibilité : 5-7 jours


Versatile hands-free scanning

Increase your workers productivity and mobility by using the accurate 2D ringscanner RS-3000. There is no need to put down a handheld scanner, just continue picking up objects, scan and proceed. This is a big win in efficiency, it allows you to work faster and results in improved quality. The RS-3000 is one of the smallest in the industry and is lightweight and ergonomic too. It is the ideal and reliable solution for warehouse, logistics and retail stores.

The RS-3000 has a proven and most powerful 2D engine built-in enabling fast and accurate scanning up to 100 fps. It rapidly and easily scans barcodes off cell phone, tablet and computer displays and even scans curved, wide, poorly printed, and damaged barcodes with no challenge. The exceptional motion tolerance is ideal for any application, even from a wide range or angle.

The RS-3000 can be used as a single companion scanner and by clicking it onto a special ring bracket with an external thumb button, it transforms into a wearable. The adjustable finger strap allows it to be comfortable for any hand size for all day use and it is the perfect solution for left and right-handed workers. Another advantage is the hygienics as each worker can have their own ring bracket. If your team works in shifts, you simply detach the scanner from the bracket and click it onto the next worker’s bracket is a matter of seconds. This all makes the RS-3000 also a cost-effective solution.

As said, the RS-3000 is very small, yet it possesses a long list of features:

  • Durable; even in a challenging warehouse environment, the RS-3000 can withstand a 1.5 m drop onto concrete due to the durable, high impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic.
  • Wireless charging; the RS-3000 can be charged wirelessly with any Qi compatible charging pad. Of course, it is also possible to charge it via the USB-C port.
  • NFC tag; the built-in tag that can be used by most modern devices for easy Bluetooth pairing.
  • Bluetooth 4.2; the RS-300 features a modern Bluetooth 4.2 compliant chip that supports both Bluetooth classic as well as Bluetooth low energy (BLE). It uses less power and is faster, allowing data transfer up to two and a half times faster than earlier versions.
  • USB-C; the companion scanner comes with a USB-C charging/communication port. it supports USB-HID, USB-COM and USB-MSD.
  • Battery lifetime; The ringscanner does not use a lot of power during operation, making it last a whole working day without having the need to recharge, even up to 20 hours operating time. With the accurate battery monitoring system, you will always know when it is time to recharge.
  • Free SDK; the RS-3000 is configurable and programmable with the free Software Development Kit to customize scanning behavior.